Roger Calixte Poupart " is a fervent artist who hears the silence of the dead and the suffering of the living, who is uplifted by joy...

        He belongs to the family of men who are steeped in gravity, tragedy and joy, to the family of stonecutters and craftsmen; he belongs to the family of Péguy : "the soul is seen on the face, the soul is seen in the work".

Robert Marteau

June 1971

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        " Spiritual works, but not disembodied. On the contrary, in spite of the impressive size of the paintings (often 4 or 8 square meters), great care is taken to let colours play upon one another, lines tauten and relax, volumes weigh on one another, matter vibrate, usually sliding over the grain of the canvas with apparent ease, sometimes catching hold of a difficult passage as if preparing to spring. (…) This could all be overwhelming. Quite the contrary: it is a liberation. An act of faith, a gesture of peace, a divine word which almost at once addresses not the eye but the heart. "

Alain Bandelier

November 1973

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        " His painting struck me as superb, endowed with a spiritual density equal to its plastic purity. "

Bernard Dorival

Private correspondence of November 11, 1974

        Poupart " was for me the personification of the creative spirit. He had the art of bringing the eternal world of shapes and colours back to life. "

Jean Hubert

Private correspondence of January 29, 1980

        " The fluidity of his painting, space freed from structures and limitations, colour floating in the air as in a transparent body crossed by diaphanous waves, incline Poupart toward joy. His work, so intensely interiorised, rich with fervour and love, explodes into light; the " bitter road" becomes " a road to joy " and painting blossoms into plain-chant. "

Pierre Cabanne

March 2005
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